Green Coffee  800 formula is a "drug-free" dietary supplement that was developed from a blend of herbal extracts. When used properly Green Coffee 800 will curb your appetite. Green coffee 800 will stimulate your body to burn fat at amazingly fast. The speed of the process and effectiveness is so different than any other product I ever used. I can see how methodically and consequently my fat tissue did disappear form my stomach, and from my neck and step by step from every place on my body. This can only be compared to some very special program of working out and dieting for very long period of time. Same time it is usually possible when you are very young and very patient. I can only imagine what science will say about this process, I know I did finally discovered most frugal and same time fastest way to perfect body. For last 12 years I did observe how my body was getting bigger and bigger, and I used all kind of programs. NutraSweet, Herbalife, and many diets, and systems of watching calories and what do I eat. Results were always the same I was getting bigger and fatter every year.
I did fight hunger with strong will, and with pop  Description  Green Coffee 800 revolutionary formula was developed by scientists by blending thousands of years of China Natural medication and newest developments in science in USA. Discovery of Leptin did allow creating very special formula which does exterminates fat at the speed of light.

“Drug free” dietary supplement all natural blends of herbal extracts. Green coffee 800 will suppress your appetite, and same time will stimulate body top burn fat and calories.

This unique product creates thermo genesis, and that melts fat away. The process is so fast, so effective, no side effects. You will see the fat stored in many places like stomach, lower back, hips, and many other places will disappear in no time. There is no other fat burner on the market which can do same. You will be amazed by outcomes.

Ingredients 70 mg Calcium

250 mcg Chromium (as Chromium Dinicotinate Glycinate)

700mg Proprietary herbal blends

Green tea leaf standardized extract9 180 mg antioxidant Polyphenols

90mg Epigallocatechin, gallate {EECG}

50 mg naturally occurring caffeine, Asian (Panax) Ginseng root standardized.


Chromium, suppress our appetite for sweets. Vanadium helps to control our intake of sugar and helps people with diabetes.  Panax Ginseng gives us extra energy necessary when we do eat less and burn more.


Take one pack a day when you wake up with 100ml hot water (serve as traditional instant coffee). We do strongly recommend drinking minimum of 2 liters of mineral water per day. Water will help your body to stay hydrated and will help top wash toxins away, and due to our Green Coffee 800 unique formula, a lot of toxins will get released, and will flow freely in our body. 

In many cases it is recommended to start with 1 , 2 or 3 gram of  Green Coffee 800 for first few days, to allow our body to get used to our new special agent to take effect. It is common to have a slight headache, it means toxins are in our blood, and our brain is letting us know we have a new challenge.

Water will help our chemical system to eliminate all toxins out in best and safest way.)


18 packs of   Green Coffee 800 in a factory sealed box (an 18 day supply).

Each pack is 5 gram of best most advanced ever man made dietary supplement which is your best friend in fighting fat tissue and more.


 1bag/day. It is strongly recommended top start with a small portion of the 5 gram which you have in one sachet, start slowly, and increase day by day until you will accomplish optimal 5 gram a day. If you are very obese, you might drink Green Coffee 800 2 or more times a day. This will affect your system in very powerful way; you may feel so energized, so happy and excited that it may affect your results at work and home in many different ways. Contact your doctor and describe to him what is happening, he might be willing to eliminate some medications you take now.

I would advice anyone to be extremely careful with Red Bull or any other similar product, Green Coffee 800 will give you such a boost of energy that drinking any additional energy supplement might give you unwanted results in sense of being over excited, hyper,   or similar.

I met a lot of people who do take extra dose of Green Coffee 800 and feel just fantastic. I am 51 years old, same time some people think I am in my late 20 ties, and most amazing I am much stronger than I was before, after all I lost more than 30 kg of fat, so my hart do not have to supply extra blood to supply all my cells with vital elements, to keep them alive.


Serve as traditional instant coffee This Green Coffee 800 is such fantastic product. The simple words will never express all I want to tell you.

I do strongly recommend this to all who can drink regular coffee of tea. Take it slowly and enjoy the results. If doctors recommend to all heart patients to have some coffee after heart surgery, I do recommend to who want to loose fat tissue , to all who want to live healthy long life’s, drink Green Coffee 800 and enjoy your life better way than ever before. Do not be afraid to be to old or be in poor health. Just try to loose the fat and you will see the difference. The biggest enemy of all of us is sugar, and from sugar we get fat, so let Green Coffee 800 to suppress your appetite and same time to eliminate all stored toxins.

Suitable Age: 

Any one who can drink tea or coffee and has problem with being overweighed regardless how old a person is.

 Precaution: Not for pregnant or breast-feeding women,

Cardiovascular disease patients or stroke patients should contact their physicians before using the product. Same time I would recommend to all people to ask your doctor to allow you to use some portion of the product and observe your body reaction.



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Shipping We ship to EBay’s address by HONG KONG AIRMAIL. If you need to ship to other address, please let us know during the payment. Shipment usually takes around 9-18working days (Depends on the country, delivery speed of the postal office). We can ship with Speed post, or DHL,  UPS  if client will pay the difference in cost.

Return Policy In case the item you received is Defective/ DOA (Dead on Arrival), please must contact us within 7 days. After this period, any claim for return will not be accepted.Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs and insurance, same time if you do not like the product contact us we will try to arrange to ship to one of our other clients. We will arrange replacement or credit to buyer depends on our inventory.  Our policy is 100% client’s satisfaction, so please give us a chance to work with you.


About Us We are a Hong Based company specializing in high quality consumer products.

Our goal is to provide you as a client with best products availed and at best lowest price. Leptin family of products is very new in the market, many try to use dishonest strategies and discredit competition. Our policy is different we do encourage our competitors to promote the Leptin based products and encourage positive cooperation. We do use same factory and same methods to develop best relationship with our manufacturer and clients.

Our offer is also expanded to on line program to work on system of getting best results out of our products and same time recover your health and youth.

We do also offer vacation in paradise which is a way to learn basics of Yoga, NLP and how to use effectively Leptin based products.

All our products are listed on EBay, and are priced the affordable way.



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